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Pedo Dentist Clinic


  • Maleen dental consultant center is a dedicated clinic that can give you the best treatment for your youth / child without fear
  • We do general anesthesia in a well-established hospital with the best equipment to treat all the teeth of your child in a single visit
  • With proper care, your child smile can last a life time educating you and your child about dental care is a priority for us here at a maleen dental consultant center we are always happy to answer your question, regular hygiene appointments ensure consistent care and follow-up of your children’s oral health needs
  • Sleep Dentistry-In some cases , children may be too young to comfortably receive treatment in the dental chairs as an option we offer sleep dentistry where all the treatment  can be completed in one appointment in a relaxed environment. This service is also available for adults if requested Please inquire for further information.
  • As part of our ongoing re-care exanimation and assessments, we are continuously monitoring as child as their jaws and teeth develop. If required, we can refer you to an orthodontist and work with them to keep your child smile beautiful and healthy